With so many TikTok trends and hyped-up products, it’s hard to know what skincare is truly effective these days…

…That’s why we’ve introduced The Osmosis Ultimate Package! Designed for holistic, long-term skin transformation, this 6-month Osmosis package offers the best in skincare and wellness.

Here’s everything you need to know about this fantastic package,

And why it’s perfect for you.


What is Osmosis?

Osmosis is a disruptive skincare brand, known for its commitment to holistic skin health. 

Unlike traditional skincare brands, Osmosis looks at the skin and body as a whole, addressing the root causes of skin issues. Their products and treatments activate the skin’s natural ability to repair and regenerate, ensuring real results and long-term vitality.


Osmosis Skincare


Why choose The Ultimate Package?

This package is perfect for those looking for a holistic, long-term approach to skincare – especially if you deal with conditions like acne, rosacea, blackheads, aging, or eczema.

By consistently addressing both external and internal factors, The Ultimate Package delivers real, noticeable improvements to your skin’s health.


What’s included in The Ultimate Package?

This exclusive package really is your secret weapon for radiant, luminous skin. 


  • 6 x Vitamin A Infusions (or Medi Facial Infusions for sensitive skin babes!)
  • 3 x Power Punch Facials
  • 6 x LED Treatments

Cost: $1999


Let’s walk through the process, shall we?


1. Start with a holistic skin consult

First things first! Your Ultimate Package begins with a comprehensive skin consultation where we discuss:

🩷 Your current skincare routine

🩷 Skin concerns

🩷 Lifestyle factors

🩷 Osmosis wellness options

We’ll also take before-and-after photos to track your skin transformation!

Osmosis Consult


2. Insights from Dr. Ben

After your consultation, we’ll receive personalised recommendations from Dr. Ben himself, the founder of Osmosis. 

His expertise in holistic skin health will help us create a customised treatment plan tailored to your unique skin type, including Osmosis skincare products and wellness options.


3. Enhance your package with wellness options

True skincare starts from within! The Ultimate Package includes Osmosis wellness add-ons such as skin detox, hormonal balancing, and dietary recommendations. 

We also offer Osmosis elixirs and supplements that support overall health and well-being, including hormonal detox supplements, prebiotics, collagen renewal, immune boosters, and digestive support.

Plus! You’ll get 10% off Osmosis products and supplements when you purchase The Ultimate Package.


4. Book your first Vitamin A Facial

Once we’ve created your customised treatment plan, it’s time to book your first Vitamin A Infusion Facial! This non-chemical peel stimulates collagen production without harming the skin, providing immediate, youthful results. It’s perfect for treating acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation.

Enhance your facial with LED light therapy to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, and boost results. 

For The Ultimate Package, we recommend booking 1x Vitamin A Facial every month (for six months).


Vitamin A Facial


5. Get that pre-event glow!

The Ultimate Package includes 3x Power Punch Facials, perfect for a quick glow.

These 30-minute treatments provide an instant boost, ideal before special events or as a quick skin refresh. They transform even the dullest complexion into radiant skin!


Ready to start The Ultimate Package?

Book your consultation and start your journey to healthier, more radiant skin with The Ultimate Osmosis Package at Fusion Aesthetics. Your skin will thank you! 💕

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Cost: $1999



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