You know we’re all about delivering exceptional skin treatments at Fusion. But how well do you know our amazing team – the ones who make it all possible?

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on AJ, our incredibly talented cosmetic nurse whose expertise and infectious energy elevate every client experience. Whether you’re in need of a rejuvenating top-up or looking to enhance your complexion with a luxurious skin treatment, AJ is your go-to gal!

Let’s play 21 questions with AJ and get to know her a little better:


1. One skincare product you couldn’t live without?

Osmosis Catalyst and Rescue! They have been an absolute game-changer for my skin barrier and skin health. (Plus, they’ll be in stock at Fusion soon… stay tuned! 🤫)


2. Describe your personality in 3 words

Friendly, funny, inquisitive.


Nurse AJ at Fusion Aesthetics


3. When you’re not working at Fusion, you love to… 

Play netball, do laps at the beach, read, play with my girls, shoot my compound bow and, of course, learn more about the body and skin!


4. Favourite self-care ritual?

There are so many!

Getting regular Bowen treatments from my dad – it has helped me so much with my jaw clenching!
Giving myself facial massages.
And journaling. It’s a new practise for me and I can already see why people love it so much.


5. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? 

2PAC. I have so many questions!


Get to know AJ!


6. Favourite beauty/skin trend right now?

I love the shift to holistic skincare, addressing the gut and internal toxicities instead of only addressing the skin as a separate entity.


7. A fun fact most people wouldn’t know about you?

I worked and trained as an actor for 7 years! And I love public speaking.


8. If you could only choose one facial treatment for the rest of your life… what would it be?

Neolifting Facial Buccal Massage!

It addresses tension, retrains the muscles of the face, moves stagnant lymph and increases fresh blood flow into the tissues. When performed regularly, it can help reduce the need for Botox, so really I’m hitting two birds with one stone.


Get to know AJ!


9. Movie or TV show you’re obsessed with right now?

The Bodyguard. I love 90s movies!


10. What does your typical morning routine look like?

  • I wake up at 6am
  • Shower, before putting on StemFactor and Rescue serums, followed by Quench moisturiser
  • Collect eggs from our chooks and spend a few moments barefoot on the grass with the sun on my face
  • Get everyone ready for the day making sure the kids and I have a protein breakfast and some hydration, like celery juice or water
  • After school drop off, I’ll go to Fusion
  • Or on a non-work day, I head off to a netball game or go home to journal with a cup of tea!

I’ve been working on a calmer mindset and this morning routine really helps me to start off each day feeling calm, focused and prepared for whatever may come that day.


11. Favourite thing about working at Fusion?

It feels like a sisterhood. Obviously the team are so lovely, but it’s the clients who we spend most of our work time with. And they are all so, so lovely. It feels like a privilege to go to work and see these women without make-up and for some, feeling quite vulnerable.

I love the space that been created for the team and our clients.


The Secret Skincare consult at Fusion Aesthetics


12. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, you would go to…

Right now it would be Japan, with a hot spa, fresh sushi and a snowboard.


13. Your #1 secret to glowing skin all year round?

Regular LED treatments. Blue, Green and Red are my favourites!


LED Light Therapy at Fusion Aesthetics


14. Favourite spot in town?

You’ll often find me at Bahlu. I can’t resist an acai bowl or chicken quesadilla.


15. What is your favourite treatment at Fusion?

I love doing the Age Element facial on clients. It’s so satisfying to see their skin transform in front of my eyes. From dry and dull, to hydrated, plumped and smooth.


16. One goal on your vision board this year?

To take the time to stretch, breath and ground. My pace of life has been insane over the last few years, so I’m looking forward to a more grounded year.


17. Introvert or extrovert?



18. How long have you been working in the beauty/skin industry?

In 2014, I worked with skin and IPL before quickly moving into injecting in 2015. I was fortunate enough to learn straight from Dr Andrew Clark where I focused purely on injectables.

In 2020, I merged skin and injectables, which is what I do today at Fusion.



19. One thing that can instantly make your day better?

When a client comes in for a review, only to tell me they love it!

I love when I get to see the healed result.


20. Favourite quote or life motto?

You don’t need to believe everything your mind tells you.


21. What treatments can people book you for at Fusion Aesthetics?

Most injectables!


Want to book your next appointment with AJ?

Simply choose ‘Nurse AJ’ as your therapist when you book online!