We are thrilled to introduce our all-new Osmosis Facials range, designed to bring out the very best in your skin.

Renowned for its holistic approach to skin health, the Osmosis philosophy revolves around activating the skin’s natural healing processes and addressing the root causes of skin issues. And now, we can’t wait to share them with you! We’re proud to offer an exclusive range of Osmosis skin treatments and take-home skincare products, all available behind The Pink Door 💕


What is Osmosis?

Osmosis Skincare is a disruptive skincare brand, standing out in the industry for its commitment to holistic skin health.

Unlike traditional skincare brands (that only address surface-level concerns!), Osmosis focuses on treating the underlying causes of skin issues, by analysing the skin and body as a whole. Their products and treatments activate the skin’s natural ability to repair and regenerate, promoting real results, and long-term skin health and vitality.


Why Choose Osmosis Facials?

Osmosis’ results for ageing, rosacea, sensitive, and blemish-prone skin are unMATCHED!

Using Osmosis products in our facial treatments ensures that you receive the most advanced and effective holistic treatments on the market. Not sure which facial is right for you? No sweat babe, our skin therapists will organise an initial consultation with you before treatment to ensure your facial is customised to your unique skin. Feel confident knowing you’re using the very best products for your skin type!

Here’s a closer look at our brand new Osmosis facials:


Osmosis Facials Consult


Medi Facial Infusion

Is Vitamin A too harsh for your skin? The perfect treatment for those with sensitive skin, the Medi Facial Infusion uses gentle techniques and natural ingredients. Experience a painless and effective solution to total skin rejuvenation, without any downtime or epidermal damage.

From healing acne to reversing signs of ageing, this treatment repairs photo damage, thickens the dermis, and restores capillary flow for a radiant complexion. It’s a beautifully versatile treatment for all skin types, making it perfect for both men and women.

Duration: 60 minutes
LED Add-On: $50



Vitamin A Infusion

The Vitamin A Infusion Facial is the heart of our Osmosis treatments! 🫶

Utilising Osmosis MD products, this treatment employs a non-chemical peel technique, generating a 30-day collagen production increase in the skin for immediate, youthful results – without harming the skin! It’s a perfect (and safe) alternative to traditional peels.

Using the Osmosis RevitaPen (aka nano-needling), this unique product contains a high dose of concentrated actives that penetrate deep into the dermal layer. The infusion delivers calming, antibacterial, and skin-remodelling ingredients deep into the skin for comprehensive rejuvenation. This modern approach promotes smooth, rejuvenated skin while also addressing acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, without any downtime.

Duration: 60 minutes
LED Add-On: $50



Osmosis Facial Treatment


Power Punch Treatment

Perfect for a pre-event glow or a quick skin refresh, the Osmosis Power Punch Facial is your new go-to red carpet treatment!

In only 30 minutes, this deluxe treatment is sure to give your skin an instant boost, transforming even the dullest complexion into radiant skin. Available in the Osmosis Skin package or by itself for that special ‘me-time’ treat. Infuse active blends into your skin for that beautiful, glowing look.

Duration: 30 minutes
LED Add-On: $50



The Osmosis Package

Treat yourself to the exclusive six-month Osmosis Package – your secret weapon to radiant, luminous skin.

Featuring six Vitamin A Infusions (or Medi Facial Infusions for the sensitive skin babes!), three Power Punch Facials, and six LED treatments, your skin will never look better. Book your complimentary consultation, so we can deliver a custom, transformative package tailored to your beautiful skin.

6 x Vitamin A Infusions
3 x Power Punch Facials
6 x LED Treatments



LED Add-on treatment


Should I use Osmosis Skincare products with these facials?

Combining Osmosis skincare products with these facial treatments can significantly enhance and maintain your skin’s health and progress. Our selection of oncology-friendly Osmosis Skincare offers comfort and care for sensitive skin, with non-toxic formulas designed to support your skin’s health and vitality. By incorporating these products into your daily routine, you can complement and improve the results of your facials.

Start your Osmosis journey with Fusion Aesthetics. You can buy products in-store or online!



Osmosis products are available at Fusion Aesthetics



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Book your consultation and experience the transformative power of Osmosis facials at Fusion Aesthetics. We promise, your skin will thank you! 💕