I think we can all agree the colder months make it that much harder to stay consistent with your fitness goals and to keep in shape. The frosty mornings and early nights can make it tempting to let go of all the hard work you’ve put in until summer comes back around. But what if we told you there was a way to maintain (and enhance) your progress, even during these coldest months?

Introducing EmSculpt: the ultimate body-contouring treatment that builds muscle and sculpts your body non-invasively – all in under one hour.


What is EmSculpt?

EmSculpt is a remarkable body-contouring treatment that allows you to build muscle and burn fat (at the same time!). It’s like a little magic wand that sculpts, strengthens, and tones specific areas of your body for that beautiful, refined figure. 

With EmSculpt, you can achieve fantastic results without the need for surgery or any downtime. It induces approximately 20,000 muscle contractions in just 30 minutes (that’s like doing 20,000 squats!), without the excessive sweating or next-day soreness you’d get from an intensive workout. This body-sculpting machine is the perfect solution for maintaining your gorgeous figure throughout winter and spring, ready to embrace your dream summer bod with confidence.


How does it work?

EmSculpt works its magic innovative technology to tone your body and effectively eliminate unwanted fat. During your session, you’ll experience high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy delivered to your targeted muscles. This energy triggers powerful muscle contractions, going beyond what you can achieve through regular exercise (sit-ups could never!

These painless contractions force your muscles to adapt and undergo deep remodelling, resulting in beautifully sculpted muscles and a more defined physique. The best part? You can lie down and relax during the treatment – this is a sweat-free zone, baby!


What are the benefits?

Oh, where do we begin? EmSculpt offers a multitude of benefits that will have you falling in love with this treatment. It isn’t just about looking good on the outside; it also works wonders on the inside, too. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Enhanced muscle mass: EmSculpt helps you achieve a significant increase in muscle mass, providing you with beautifully toned and defined muscles (hello, six-pack!)
  • Goodbye stubborn fat: This treatment visibly reduces fat in the targeted area by up to 19%, giving you a more contoured appearance.
  • Booty goals: Glutes are a hard muscle to activate with exercise alone. EmSculpt can help you strengthen and enhance your glutes (it’s the ultimate butt lift alternative!)
  • Posture improvement: By strengthening and toning your muscles, EmSculpt can improve your posture and even reduce back pain.
  • A pain-free experience: EmSculpt is completely non-invasive and pain-free. You can relax during the session and enjoy the rest of your day without discomfort or downtime.
  • Boosted metabolism: EmSculpt revs up your metabolism by up to five times, helping you burn fat naturally and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Post-pregnancy: EmSculpt can reduce abdominal muscle separation by 11%, which is excellent for new moms wanting to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles post-pregnancy.
  • Waistline reduction: On average, EmSculpt clients lose 4 cm around their waistline! 


What areas can be targeted?

EmSculpt is designed specifically to treat those stubborn areas that don’t seem to budge, even with the right diet and exercise (yes, booty, we’re talking to you.) It is FDA-cleared to treat several areas of the body, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Calves
  • Thighs

Whether you’re looking to sculpt your abs, lift your bum, or tone your arms, EmSculpt works its magic to target and improve specific muscle groups for a more sculpted appearance. And for our fabulous mums, the abdomen treatment is a popular choice for strengthening the core and pelvic floor muscles post-pregnancy. Say goodbye to stubborn fat and abdominal separation!


Am I a good candidate?

EmSculpt is perfect for both women and men who already lead healthy lifestyles and are close to their ideal BMI. If you’re already active and exercise regularly but find it challenging to target stubborn areas or desire enhanced muscle definition, EmSculpt can be your perfect ally to achieving your #bodgoals. 

EmSculpt is also great for:

  • People recovering from an injury (it can help to regain strength in affected muscles)
  • Post-pregnancy mums (strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve abdominal separation)
  • Health-conscious men and women suffering with lower back pain (EmSculpt can help to alleviate the pain!)
  • Those without pre-existing medical or heart conditions (e.g. Pacemaker)

Please note: These body-sculpting treatments are intended to act as a supplement to active, healthy lifestyles. Individuals who have a lot of generalised body fat and who do not exercise are unlikely to see a massive difference with EmSculpt. It is essential to consult with one of our qualified professionals first to determine if EmSculpt is the right treatment for you.

How long does it take?

An EmSculpt session takes approximately 30 minutes of your precious time, focusing on one area of the body. The recommended treatment plan usually involves a series of sessions, with optimal results achieved through four sessions within a two-week period. Spacing the sessions two to three days apart helps maximise the transformative effects of EmSculpt. We also recommend a touch up treatment after 6 months (just in time for summer!)


EmSculpt treatment at Fusion Aesthetics

Does it hurt?

Rest assured, EmSculpt is a (relatively) pain-free experience! The muscle contractions you feel during the session will be similar to those of an intense workout session (think: squats and sit ups!). You’ll still feel the burn, just without the sweat and fatigue.

It’s also important to highlight there is also no downtime for EmSculpt treatments, allowing you to continue with your day after your appointment, without any pain or side effects.

When will I see results?

You’re in for a treat! Most patients notice results immediately after their first EmSculpt session. However, the best results are typically seen after a series of four treatments – 2 sessions per week, spaced over 2 weeks. EmSculpt truly is the gift that keeps on giving.


EmSculpt treatment at Fusion Aesthetics

What happens post-treatment?

The beauty of EmSculpt is that there is no downtime or recovery period. Leave each session feeling fresh and ready to resume your daily routine (coffee date, anyone?). 

To maintain your toned physique, we recommend prioritising a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise after your scheduled treatments. Eat your greens, hydrate, join that pilates class, and you’ll sustain your EmSculpt results for even longer. We also recommend booking a follow up appointment after 6 months to touch up your results.


Why should I book EmSculpt now?

Now is the perfect time to book your EmSculpt sessions and begin your journey toward your dream summer body. We all know winter can make it more challenging to commit to your usual fitness and smoothie regime (hot food only, please!). By starting now, you’ll give your body ample time to respond and reveal incredible, toned results just in time for summer – when the sun shines and bikinis come out to play. 

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