The team behind the pink door at Fusion Aesthetics are so incredibly thrilled to be back open and running after our government-regulated break and cannot thank all our lovely clients for their on going support. There is nothing we love more than to see our deserving clients back having their favourite Fusion treatments and this time away has not only strengthened this passion, but allowed us time to bond with family, dabble in some extra education, bring awareness to our fantastic range of products and come up with some exciting new ideas for our state-of-the-art clinic in The Health Hub.

Another big focus at Fusion during this time is how to make our clinic ‘COVID Safe’. Because we work so closely with our clients in a healthcare setting and social distancing can be a little tricky in these situations, the adherence to government regulations and industry standards is at the forefront of our thoughts. At Fusion Aesthetics, we have chosen to follow the guidelines outlined by the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) and the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatology (ASCD), who acknowledge the risk posed to patients and workers in our industry and hold the safety of our clients and staff as a priority, and the mandatory conditions provided by the West Australian Government in regards to Beauty and Personal Care Services.

The changes made at Fusion Aesthetics include:

  • Adherence to social distancing and the 1.5m rule where appropriate – our treatment room may look a little different as we’ve accommodated these changes.
  • Clinic rooms are regularly and strictly sanitised, cleaned and disinfected, with all treatment areas wiped and disposable materials used where possible
  • Gloves (which have always been mandatory in the FA clinic), will be worn at all times where practicable
  • Masks can be made available for prolonged face-to-face treatments at the clients’ request
  • Reusable equipment and instruments are thoroughly sterilised between use and disposable instruments used where possible
  • Both the Fusion treatment room and The Health Hub are screening patients upon entering the premises and providing hand sanitiser upon arrival
  • At time of making your appointment, you will be asked to disclose any recent travel out of WA, whether you have been unwell, are feeling unwell or have been exposed to anyone who has been unwell to avoid any potential illness spread.
  • Fusion Aesthetics have completed a comprehensive COVID Safety Plan and will keep a client attendance record specifically for contact tracing

We here at Fusion have always maintained impeccable hygiene standards and cleaning/sanitising procedures, so the call for a focus on more sterile work practices and sanitising in the clinic setting does not bring about great change behind the pink door, however we embrace the chance to open our doors in the safest environment possible for our beautiful clients.

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